Just as there are two Americas, there are two international communities. One America wants to see Trump finally indicted and punished for the crimes he committed nonstop in the clear light of day. The other America might respond those indictments by supporting Trump even more. And so it is with the much more serious and deadly war crimes of Vladimir Putin. Much of the world will see today’s headline as surprisingly good, if woefully overdue, news, while another part of the world will shrug it off and continue to support the Moscow Murderer. The International Criminal Court issues an arrest warrant for Putin. “The move by the criminal court at the Hague marked a significant, rare step, requesting the arrest of a sitting world leader.” (Let’s be honest. This arrest warrant will divide American opinion as well.)

+ “Without offering evidence, Assad said the West had taken in “old Nazis,” and was now giving them support.” Syria’s Assad offers Putin support in Ukraine war. Just two old war criminals finding common ground.

+ “According to Ukraine, tens of thousands of possible war crimes have been carried out by Russian forces since they invaded Ukraine in February last year.” But the big one Putin is accused of today has to do with children. “Ukraine government figures put the number of children forcibly taken to Russia at 16,221.”

+ China’s leader Xi Jinping will meet with Russia’s Vladimir Putin in Moscow next week. (Don’t expect Xi to make a citizen’s arrest.)

+ Putin’s arrest is not imminent. But his travel options have become extremely limited. Here’s the latest from The Guardian.