Having the Lunchies: “The bento-like box of crackers, deli meats and other snacks has been available in grocery stores since 1988, but will start to be offered in school cafeterias this autumn. The product will be reformulated to offer two options that comply with school nutritional guidelines.” Why Lunchables are making a comeback for school lunch. (Maybe my Bionic Man lunchbox will be back in vogue.)

+ Nervous Wreckage: “Russia said it will try to retrieve the wreckage of the US drone downed over the Black Sea on Tuesday. The US said earlier that it was taking measures to ensure the drone won’t fall into the wrong hands but admitted it may never be recovered.” Here’s the latest updates on the latest US/Russia conflict.

+ To Bloom it Make Concern: “Sargassum, a naturally occurring type of macroalgae, has grown at an alarming rate this winter. The belt stretches across the Atlantic Ocean from Africa to Florida and the Yucatan Peninsula and is as much as 200 to 300 miles wide.” Big, stinky blob of takes aim at Florida. (Oddly, some people think it should run for president.)

+ Houston Spoilers? “Texas officials on Wednesday announced a state takeover of Houston’s nearly 200,000-student public school district, the eighth-largest in the country, acting on years of threats and angering Democrats who assailed the move as political.”

+ 400 Error: “An investigation launched by the brother of one of the victims also found that Holmes’ car was likely misidentified at the time and that key differences between his Oldsmobile and the one used by the robbers were overlooked.” A man who served more than three decades of a 400-year prison sentence for armed robbery charges was freed Monday after being exonerated. From the verdict to the sentence, crazy.