We’ll Leave the Light on For You

“Surfing in Minnesota is just like surfing in Southern California, John Jenkins says, as long as you ignore the icicles on your wet suit. Mr. Jenkins, 38, is a child of Orange County. But a decade ago, looking to escape overpopulation and intensifying wildfires, he took a chance and settled in Duluth, Minn., where temperatures can dip 30 degrees below zero.” Why are so many people catching a wave to Duluth? Because, even though it gets really cold, it’s considered climate proof when it comes to things like sea-level rise and droughts. Not so long ago, this migration to Duluth would’ve been unthinkable. “By the early 1980s, the economic situation in Duluth was so grim that a billboard popped up on the highway leading out of town, bearing the message ‘Will the last one leaving Duluth please turn out the light?'” Well, the lights are still on and more and more people are home. NYT (Gift Article): Out-of-Towners Head to ‘Climate-Proof Duluth.’

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