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It’s Your Day. A Woman’s Day: From the protests in Iran to the abandonment in Afghanistan to the overturning of Roe, there are plenty of women’s rights issues to take note of this year. WaPo (Gift Article): It’s International Women’s Day. How did women’s rights fare this year? More protests and celebrations from around the world via The Guardian.

+ Alt Man: Sam Altman is now best known as the 37-year-old startup guru and investor who is CEO of OpenAI. He’s also an active investor who has made two really big bets: limitless energy and extended life span. MIT Tech Review: Sam Altman invested $180 million into a company trying to delay death.

+ RSVP Brain: “Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is inviting House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to visit Ukraine to see the situation on the ground first hand – an invitation that comes as the Republican Party faces a divide over whether the United States should continue to provide aid to the country under attack from Russia.” (A stone cold international hero defending democracy has to kiss the ass of a weak-minded, pathetic joke like Kevin McCarthy. What a sad American era.)

+ Track Spikes: “As abortion bans across the nation are implemented and enforced, law enforcement is turning to social-media platforms to build cases to prosecute women seeking abortions or abortion-inducing medication — and online platforms like Google and Facebook are helping.”

+ The Fail Male: Ethan Zuckerman: Elon Musk’s Compelling Case for Worst Human of 2023. “In a turn of events that must have come as a surprise to absolutely no one, it turns out that the employee Elon was abusing for his amusement was an actual human being. His name is Haraldur Thorleifsson, and he has a fascinating backstory, a very real disability, and a fairly wicked sense of humor.” And “If you’ve been staying away from Twitter, you’re smarter than me, but you might have missed this saga, and it is, I promise you, worth your attention.” John Gruber on Elon Musk’s most pathetic personal attack yet. Phony Stark Picks on the Wrong Guy.

+ Polar Express: “Immobilizing a 500-pound animal that can run on uneven terrains or hide among rocks takes a joint land and air effort. Hanging out off the side of the helicopter with a dart gun, Maclean’s work partner Ian van Nest, gave the ivory fugitive a shot of telazol, a quick-acting anesthetic. The on-the-ground team was ready with trucks and ATVs, but the bear got out of reach.” Just another day Inside Canada’s Polar Bear Jail.

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