Extra, Extra

Razing Arizona: “In part as a result of [Kari Lake’s] vilification campaign, Gates is stalked on social media, in his inbox and on voicemail, and in public meetings of the board of supervisors. Based on what law enforcement regarded as a credible death threat, Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone removed Gates and his wife from their home in Phoenix on Election Night and dispatched them to a secure location under guard. They knew the drill. ‘I’ve done it so many times,’ Gates recalled. ‘It’s like, ‘Here we go again.'” Barton Gellman in The Atlantic: A Troubling Sign for 2024. “The midterms were a welcome reprieve for democracy. But the story of Bill Gates, an Arizona election official, suggests that we might not be so lucky in next year’s presidential election.” (When Barton Gellman worries, I worry.)

+ Texas Hexes: “Five women who were denied abortions under Texas law while facing medical crises are suing the state, asking a judge to clarify exceptions to the laws. ‘[The women] have been denied necessary and potentially life-saving obstetrical care because medical professionals throughout the state fear liability under Texas’s abortion bans,” says the lawsuit, filed in state court by the Center for Reproductive Rights on behalf of the five women and two doctors.” (Disclosure/Brag: My wife is on the board of the Center for Reproductive Rights.) Meanwhile, “last week, Walgreens said it will not distribute abortion pills in states where Republican officials have threatened legal action.” This week, California announced plans to cut ties with Walgreens.

+ Gang Signs: “The report identifies at ‘least a half dozen’ active gangs and cliques — and names them: the Executioners, the Banditos, the Regulators, the Spartans, the Gladiators, the Cowboys, and the Reapers.” Gang Members Hold Positions at ‘Highest Levels’ of LA Sheriff’s Department.

+ Sweet Talk: “Artificial sweeteners and other sugar substitutes sweeten foods without extra calories. But studies show the ingredients can affect gut and heart health.” WaPo: How fake sugars sneak into foods and disrupt metabolic health. This stuff is confusing, even more so because of the lobbying of key players.

+ From Counting Points to Counting Money: WeightWatchers shares are soaring today. Why? Because they’re getting into the weight loss prescription drug business.

+ Juul in Denial: “Days after exiting its stake in troubled electronic cigarette maker Juul, Altria announced a $2.75 billion investment in rival electronic cigarette startup NJOY.” (You gotta admire their tenacity when it comes to wanting to cause death.)

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