What to Rock: Everyone’s focused on what he’ll say about the slap. But anytime Chris Rock does comedy, it’s worth watching. On Saturday night, that will be especially true as he performs a live set on Netflix. Chris Rock: Selective Outrage goes live on Saturday at 7:00pm pst.

+ What to Doc: 38 At The Garden on HBO is a 38-minute documentary that chronicles the extraordinary ascendance of point guard Jeremy Lin during his landmark 2012 season with the New York Knicks (38 minutes of it in particular). No need to be into the NBA to enjoy this.

+ What to Read: “Now, on that summer night when he couldn’t sleep, Jerry, twenty-one and unemployed, finally got up, put on his glasses, slipped into the bathroom so as not to wake his brother, and started writing. He went back to bed, then threw off the covers after a couple of hours and wrote some more. By dawn, he had a complete script. He got dressed and, story in hand, took the porch steps at a gallop. Jerry ran ten blocks through his neighborhood, past the wooden houses with their neat lawns and big porches, over to the cracked sidewalks of his best friend Joe’s street. Huffing and puffing, Jerry arrived at the dilapidated two-story Maple Apartments that Joe and the Shuster family called home. ‘Joe, you gotta draw this.'” How Two Jewish Kids in 1930s Cleveland Altered the Course of American Pop Culture.