One of the first things I do when I roll out of bed is to put on my shoes, and I don’t kick them off until the seconds before I get back under the covers at night. And while they say opposites attract, I don’t find myself particularly attracted to shoeless Joe DeRuvo Jr. But I do have to admit, the guy’s got sole. NYT (Gift Article): He Took His Shoes Off 20 Years Ago. He Hasn’t Put Them Back On. “Mr. DeRuvo initially decided to forgo shoes because of agonizing bunions, but he has stayed barefoot for reasons that transcend physical comfort. In that time, he has become a litmus test of people’s forbearance and their willingness to tolerate a stranger’s unconventional lifestyle and perhaps even try to understand it.” (I’ll tolerate and understand it from a distance. I don’t even like being near people in flip flops.)