I’ve long argued that the five most endangered words of the internet era are: Let me think about that. Taking the time to think has been replaced by a dopamine-laced drive to react immediately. William Davies explains what it felt like to go cold turkey on instant reactions when he quit using Twitter: “I was left feeling bereft, as any addict is when their drug is taken away. How was I supposed to react to the news now? And if I had no way of reacting to the news, what did I want from the news? Am I even interested in the news, if I have no opportunity to react to it? Being in the digital public sphere without any means to react is a bit like being trapped in a shopping mall without any money.” In the London Review of Books, Davies’ provides a very interesting look at what he calls, The Reaction Economy, in which “each of us (celebrities included) becomes a junction box in a vast, complex network, receiving, processing and emitting information in a semi-automatic fashion, and in real time.” (If you have thoughts on this article, please keep them to yourself.)