They lied. They knew they were lying. They put profiting off those lies ahead of everything from personal integrity to national stability. None of the early findings in the Dominion vs Fox News case will come as much of a shock to those living in reality. We all knew Trump was lying about election fraud and that the whack jobs spouting nonsense and leaking grease were either complete phonies or completely nuts. But the liars on Fox News kept lying. Why? Because like the mad king, their base got out of control and even hinting at the obvious truth about the election would mean losing viewers to the even crazier news outlets popping up on cable and the internet. Will what we learned from the just-released court filing, a 200-page motion for summary judgment in Dominion Voting Systems’ defamation lawsuit against Fox News really matter? Will something come of admissions like the one from Tucker Carlson that Trump is the “the undisputed world champion” of destroying things and that it could ruin Fox News if it didn’t back his election lies? Will it make a difference that we now know for sure that off the air, Fox News stars blasted the election fraud claims they peddled? In the court of public opinion probably not. The Fox News base won’t follow this story and if they do, they won’t believe it. Team Reality has severe Trump fatigue, already knew these clowns were lying, and has largely given up on the notion that anyone will ever be punished for the widespread, wanton betrayal of America. But the details are damning. The efforts to silence the occasional truth-telling Fox employees in order to buoy the stock price are overt. And The Big Lie still thrives and threatens today because of this endless procession of little lies. Fox News propped up the lies and the liars for profit. Maybe this Dominion lawsuit will hit their bottom line. The truth has always been out there. Let’s hope, for once, the truth hurts.