ION The Prize: From electric cars to the device you’re using right now, our Lithium needs are growing. WaPo has a cool interactive piece that explains how Lithium gets from the earth to your batteries.

+ BiBi King: “If the Israeli legal system that has gradually and collaboratively evolved over the past 75 years was so awful — so in need of emergency radical surgery overnight, without any national debate — how did it help produce and guard the Israeli economic miracle of the past 20 years that Netanyahu always, and justifiably, takes credit for and has made Israel’s middle class amazingly prosperous? Nothing is more dangerous to Israel’s continued prosperity than Netanyahu’s inability today to give a credible answer to that simple question.” Tom Friedman in the NYT: Netanyahu’s Judicial Coup Could Destroy His Start-Up Nation. (Netanyahu cares about something more than his nation. Himself.)

+ Unachievable Wellness: “No matter how much I optimize, how much I exercise, regardless of the foods I eat or the supplements I take, I can’t escape this diagnosis. What does being healthy mean when you know you can’t improve?” Andrew Zaleski in GQ: What Does Wellness Mean When You’re Living With an Incurable Disease?

+ Coming of Age in America: “One Michigan State student attended school near Sandy Hook during the horrific 2012 mass shooting. Others survived the Oxford High School massacre just 14½ months ago.” From Oxford High to MSU, students cope with horror of repeated school shootings.

+ The City Sitting Pretty: “Residents and officials say Erzin, Turkey suffered no deaths and saw no buildings collapse, and they credit a long-standing policy not to allow construction that violated the country’s codes.” The city that didn’t collapse.

+ Crime Wave: “More than 4,800 individuals may have been victims of child sex abuse in the Portuguese Catholic Church and 512 alleged victims have already come forward with their stories, an expert panel looking into historic abuse in the church said Monday. Senior Portuguese church officials had previously claimed that only a handful of cases had occurred.”

+ Cave Survivor Dies: Duangpetch Promthep, one of the 12 boys who was rescued from a Thai cave in 2018, has died in the UK. (Terribly sad ending to one of modern humanity’s greatest stories.)

+ Care Jordan: Michael Jordan donates $10M to Make-A-Wish for 60th birthday. “It is the largest donation ever received from an individual in the organization’s 43-year history.” (Jordan even wins at philanthropy.)