“These two football fans may be mortal enemies when their teams meet in the Super Bowl, but they are on the same side when it comes to saving a life.” A Chiefs fan donated a kidney to an Eagles fan. Now they’re going to the Super Bowl together. (Just for a kidney? These guys aren’t real fans!)

+ The flyover before Sunday’s game between the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs at Phoenix’s State Farm Stadium will be piloted by an all-female team.

+ “More than 1,000 volunteers across the world complete unfinished projects, such as blankets and sweaters, for grieving loved ones.” WaPo (Gift Article): They died leaving labors of love undone. Strangers complete their work.

+ It’s not easy to find good news in Turkey and Syria this week. But there has been some. Six remarkable rescues in Turkey and Syria amid earthquake chaos.

+ An Iowa teen, strangers helped save man and dog from an icy lake — and a drone caught it all.

+ “I was more comfortable at failing than succeeding, because I was great at quitting — I quit on my family, I quit on my community, I quit on myself. Unfortunately it took me coming to prison to learn my worth and unlock my potential.” San Quentin prisoners celebrate training program graduation.