Quake Update: Rescuers continue to search through thousands of collapsed buildings following an earthquake in Turkey and Syria. The death toll is currently at 11,000. Here’s the latest from CNN and The Guardian. And, ‘A True Miracle’: Crowd Cheers As Entire Family Pulled From Rubble in Syria.

+ A Wing and a Prayer: Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky spoke during a joint session of the UK Parliament at Westminster Hall. “We have freedom, give us wings to protect it.” Here’s the lastest on his European trip.

+ Chronicle of Syndromes: “When one of the world’s best crack climbers was grounded by chronic fatigue syndrome—a mysterious illness with disabling symptoms that can include a mix of confusion, headaches, and sensory overload—his life became an uphill struggle just to feel human again.” How Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Grounded a World-Class Climber.

+ Money Shot: “All of this squabbling suggests that many world leaders now see the energy transition as not only inevitable but lucrative—a source of prosperity and jobs.” The Atlantic: Fighting Climate Change Was Costly. Now It’s Profitable. (And that’s what makes winning the fight possible.)

+ Pigging In is the New Pigging Out: “Today, no country eats more pork than China, which consumes half of the world’s pig meat. Pork prices are closely watched as a measure of inflation and carefully managed through the country’s strategic pork reserve — a government meat stockpile that can stabilize prices when supplies run low.” This helps explain why pigs are now being grown in high rises. NYT: China’s Bid to Improve Food Production? Giant Towers of Pigs.