“These candy hearts are yet another expression of this huge societal change since the pandemic. It’s this theme of attachment. Much of the world is going to settle down, and along with that they’re looking not only for romantic love but also for deep, long-term attachment.” Kim Severson in the NYT (Gift Article): The sweet messages on those valentine hearts require careful planning and editing from year to year. And they speak volumes about the state of our lives and loves. (They speak a lot more about the state of our blood sugar levels.)

+ A woodpecker stored over 700lbs of acorns in the walls of a California home.

+ “When a marathon isn’t extreme enough, run backwards. Or dressed as a candy bar, or with a pineapple on your head.” Meet the wave of runners aiming for a different kind of record. (This gives me a great excuse not to exercise today. I’m out of pineapple.)