“It was not until after Angela Parker, 53, had raced across her north Atlanta neighborhood to nab eight leftover, thick-cut slices of ham with gravy from the porch of someone she didn’t know that she began to ask herself some questions. Was it weird to eat a stranger’s porch ham? Was it safe? Would the ham be worth it? It was free, so — yes?” If consuming ham left on the porch by strangers sounds off-putting, then the Buy Nothing movement may not be your jam. Though, it’s worth noting that you can skip the edibles and focus on the products, from a sex tent to a screeching animatronic chimpanzee head to some soon-to-expire condoms—described by their original owner as a “hopeful purchase.” Maura Judkis in WaPo (Gift Article, since I was gonna throw it out anyway): Buy Nothing is everything.