“Andy Reid, the affable Kansas City coach, led the Eagles for 14 seasons and took Philadelphia to the Super Bowl. Travis Kelce, Kansas City’s gregarious tight end, is the brother of Eagles center Jason. Their mother, Donna, has been known to wear a customized jersey that mashes up colors representing both teams. If an Eagles fan wanders into Big Charlie’s on any given Sunday, it’s no big deal. But the Super Bowl won’t be any given Sunday.” Welcome to Big Charlie’s Saloon, a Kansas City fan bar in South Philly. NYT (Gift Article): In the Middle of Eagles Territory, an Oasis for Kansas City Fans. “The mailman heckles us,” said John Alessi, 56, a Kansas City fan.

+ How Massive The NFL Really Is, In 4 Charts. (The quality of these charts make me wonder if the NFL should expand into chart making. That said, the numbers don’t lie.)

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