What to Book: My excellent friend and sometimes contributor to NextDraft (whenever I need a psychoanalytical perspective to help explain the fully crazy behavior of certain people in the news, which was pretty often for four years or so) Michael Levin, and his two co-authors Adam Blum and Peter Goldberg, have just published their book, Here I’m Alive: The Spirit of Music in Psychoanalysis. The book examines how music is fundamental to becoming human, establishing our embodied sense of membership and participation in a shared world through the fabric of culture. And it rocks. Don’t take my layperson’s word for it. Here’s Adam Phillips, one of the most respected names in psychoanalysis: “This book shows us what many of us have always somehow thought but have never been able to know with such clarity and vision. Not simply one of the most fascinating books written about psychoanalysis, Here I’m Alive is, more importantly, about just how musical our lives are and can be. It is a unique and remarkable book.” That review made me so jealous, I had to make an emergency visit my psychoanalyst—which didn’t help because he was jealous, too.

+ What to Watch: Fauda is an action-packed and excellent TV show set in the never-ending and entirely frustrating and extremely counterproductive Middle East conflict. Season 4 just came out on Netflix. It’s as good as ever.

+ What to Watch: While I liked it, I didn’t totally get all the hype around The Last of Us on HBO. By the end of episode 3 I was sold. Fully.