Havana a Long Journey Ahead

“While they had trained as doctors, the Rolo González sisters spent their free time on the outskirts of Havana scraping together enough to buy basics like baby formula for Melanie’s daughter. The women once dreamed of traveling as doctors but they quickly grew disillusioned about life in Cuba due to frequent blackouts, medical supply shortages and other restrictions.” And so they began a journey taken by hundreds of thousands. “Over the past two years, American authorities have detained Cubans nearly 300,000 times on the border with Mexico. Some have been sent back but the vast majority have stayed under immigration rules dating to the Cold War. That’s more than half the population of Baltimore, or nearly 3% of the people in Cuba.” AP with the latest in a series on the human side of immigration. 2 Cuban sisters’ 4,200-mile journey to the US and a new life.

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