“Neil Postman Postman saw a public that confused authority with celebrity, assessing politicians, religious leaders, and educators according not to their wisdom, but to their ability to entertain. He feared that the confusion would continue. He worried that the distinction that informed all others—fact or fiction—would be obliterated in the haze.” In other words, the author of the 1985 book Amusing Ourselves to Death was pretty good at making predictions. Has streaming entertainment and the near-immediate TV fictionalization of news stories accelerated our pace to the future Postman feared? Megan Garber in The Atlantic: We’ve Lost the Plot. “Our constant need for entertainment has blurred the line between fiction and reality—on television, in American politics, and in our everyday lives.” (If this notion stresses you out, you can take your mind off it the same way you always do, by watching a good TV show.)