The Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational depends on just the right conditions. “The Eddie is only held when waves are consistently 40 plus feet at Waimea Bay during the winter big-wave surfing season … which is rare. As a result, the competition has been held just 10 times in its 39-year history.” This year, the swells lined up to allow the event to take place. But the results were even more rare than the conditions. A local lifeguard named Luke Shepardson won the top prize. Before and after his winning rides, he could be seen back in his lifeguard tower ensuring the safety of the other surfers and thousands of fans. Kendall Baker in Axios on the Super Bowl of surfing and its Hollywood ending.

+ Surfer: Honolulu County Lifeguard Wins Historic Big-Wave Event at Waimea Bay. KHON: After winning The Eddie, Luke Shepardson goes back to work. And a cool video of one of Shepardson’s rides.