What to Pod: “For some, it began as a loud noise, like the sound of grinding metal. Others heard something that sounded more like a giant swarm of cicadas. Then, the intense pressure to their ears and head kicked in, which caused headaches, nausea and vertigo.” What follows is a series of medical problems … and one of the more mysterious and riveting stories in recent memory. In a new podcast, Vice set out to solve the mystery of Havana Syndrome.

+ What to Doc: Coaching high school sports is tough. But imagine coaching a football team made up of kids who are still dealing with the Covid crisis, and also live in an incredibly violent community in the shadow of the George Floyd killing. Now imagine coaching is your side-gig. Your full time job is being a police officer. Boys in Blue is a four-part series available on Showtime, Paramount Plus, and Hulu.

+ What to Read: “Such a device could help address climate change and food scarcity, or break the Internet. Will the U.S. or China get there first?” Stephen Witt in The New Yorker: The World-Changing Race to Develop the Quantum Computer.