“Hody Childress, a farmer and US air force veteran, began his anonymous charitable campaign when he walked into a drug store in his home town of Geraldine in 2012 and learned from the owner that sometimes families can’t afford to pay for their medicines.” Alabama town learns farmer secretly paid people’s pharmacy bills.

+ “David and Jeannie Smith gave up their day jobs for a life of daredevil stunts —with six children in tow. Five decades, thousands of cannon shots and multiple Guinness World Records later, this stupendous family business is still defying gravity and all other expectations.” The First Family of Human Cannonballing.

+ The latest stop on the Busload of Books Tour was the Havasupai School. They don’t get many visitors there. It’s at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. For a truly great American story, be sure you’re following along with the Busload of Books on Instagram or Facebook.

+ Brazil launches first anti-deforestation raids under Lula bid to protect Amazon.

+ A father has donated a kidney to a stranger after his own daughter received her own life-changing kidney from a donor.

+ The Colombian navy rescued a man from Dominica who says he survived 24 days adrift in the Caribbean on a sailboat by eating ketchup, garlic powder, and seasoning cubes. It was condiment to be.