Windows Shade: These days, the hottest thing in tech is layoffs. And the trend is showing no signs of letting up. Microsoft slashes 10,000 jobs, the latest in a wave of layoffs.

+ Carbon Not Neutral: “The videos also show how repurposed surveillance technology is making it harder than ever for the meat industry to hide the details of its animal slaughter from the public: Direct Action Everywhere’s activists used tiny spy cameras smaller than a coin to capture the footage.” Wired: Spy Cams Reveal the Grim Reality of Slaughterhouse Gas Chambers. Good news for transparency. Bad news for your nightmares.

+ From Bad to Worse to Haiti: “The country has had no president since its last one, Jovenel Moïse, was assassinated in 2021. Its Senate is supposed to have 30 members, and its lower legislative chamber should have 119; all of those seats are unfilled … And last week, its 10 remaining senators departed office after their terms ended, leaving behind a nation’s worth of elected offices that now sit empty after years of canceled elections.” As its only remaining elected officials depart, Haiti reaches a breaking point.

+ Kyiv Crash: Fourteen people, including the three main figures in Ukraine’s interior ministry, were killed in a helicopter crash.

+ Fish Sticks and Stones: Freshwater fish aren’t as fresh as you think. “The levels of forever chemicals found in fish harvested from river streams and lakes across the United States, including the Great Lakes, are much higher than in commercially raised fish.

+ Pill Box: “Some sites selling abortion pills use technology that shares information with third parties like Google. Law enforcement can potentially use this data to prosecute people who end their pregnancies with medication.” ProPublica: Websites Selling Abortion Pills Are Sharing Sensitive Data With Google.

+ Soccer Palms: “Assistant U.S. Attorney Victor Zapana told jurors in an opening statement that the alleged bribes — totaling millions of dollars — fueled a system of secret, no-bid, below-market contracts and ‘allowed disloyal soccer executives to live a life of luxury, to buy Chanel, to buy Hermes.'” Ex-Fox execs go on trial in soccer TV rights bribery case. Corruption related to FIFA? No way.

+ Local Dispatch: “In isolated, poor regions of South Carolina, coming from an élite family offered a feeling of impunity. Did this license lead Alex Murdaugh to commit fraud after fraud—and then kill his wife.” (Or why some people in certain places assume they can get away with murder.) James Lasdun in The New Yorker: The Corrupt World Behind the Murdaugh Murders.