What to Doc: A couple years ago, I decided to try my hand at investing in documentary films—not necessarily to make big money, but to support an art form I love. So far, I’ve been quite lucky. The first one made it into Sundance and currently rocks a 98% on the tomatometer. I’m pleased to introduce the members of the Middle East’s first all-female metal band, as they wrestle with friendship, sexuality, and destruction in their pursuit of becoming thrash metal rock stars. Sirens is now available to rent on your favorite streaming platform.

+ What to Movie: Ready for dinner? A couple who travels to an exclusive restaurant are shocked to see what’s on the menu. This is billed as a horror movie, but it’s more of a satire. And it’s available everywhere from theaters to HBO Max. It’s also pretty fun. The Menu. If you’re in the mood for this kind of satire, don’t miss Triangle of Sadness.

+ What to Read: “A quantum computer could open new frontiers in mathematics, revolutionizing our idea of what it means to ‘compute.’ Its processing power could spur the development of new industrial chemicals, addressing the problems of climate change and food scarcity. And it could reconcile the elegant theories of Albert Einstein with the unruly microverse of particle physics, enabling discoveries about space and time. ‘The impact of quantum computing is going to be more profound than any technology to date,’ Jeremy O’Brien, the C.E.O. of the startup PsiQuantum, said recently. First, though, the engineers have to get it to work.” And there is a massive race to do just that. Stephen Witt in The New Yorker: The World-Changing Race to Develop the Quantum Computer.