US cancer death rate falls 33% since 1991, partly due to advances in treatment, early detection and less smoking.

+ “Those who move out of shelters, prison, foster homes, or off the street and into buildings equipped with in-house counseling tend to stay in their homes, in treatment, and out of trouble. It’s expensive, but it’s cheaper than the alternatives.” Curbed: Two Supportive-Housing Projects Make the Case for Building Many More.

+ WaPo: These dogs ride a bus like humans ‘and now the internet is in love.’

+ Damar Hamlin will be watching this week’s playoff games from home. He’s been released from the hospital.

+ “Nik loved Matchbox cars, so we started thinking, what could we do to honor his memory with a Matchbox car? So, we got the cars and we bought the little cards to put on them. And we started by putting them in all of the places that Nik loved to go.” Muskegon Co. boy spreading joy across the globe a decade after his passing.

+ “An 82-year-old US veteran and Walmart cashier is finally able to retire after an unlikely act of goodwill. Warren Marion, from Cumberland, Maryland, received a check for $108,682 last week thanks to the generosity of online donors.

+ Brock Purdy Was Mr. Irrelevant. Now He’s Mr. Impossible. (And in a few weeks, he’s gonna be Mr Super Bowl champion.)