For many of us, the idea of decaf coffee defeats the whole point of the product. But for others, decaf is the only option. Slate’s Casey Rentz explains: “We folks with a particular type of CYP1A2 gene may adore a perfectly pressed single-origin Arabica but cannot drink a fully caffeinated cup without the caffeine accumulating too quickly, making our hearts beat like bass drums and our brains feel momentarily vaporized. At parties, we leave half cups of cold coffee to be tossed into the sink. At coffee shops, we pronounce, “half-caff or decaf” like our day depends on it (because it does). Baristas wince at the thought of heavily stripped decaf grounds grazing their precious portafilter.” But for these folks, something is percolating a lot of interest. Can Science Finally Create a Decent Cup of Decaf?