“On the morning of the day I had decided to go without using plastic products — or even touching plastic — I opened my eyes and put my bare feet on the carpet. Which is made of nylon, a type of plastic. I was roughly 10 seconds into my experiment, and I had already committed a violation.” AJ Jacobs once wrote a book on trying to live by the rules of the bible. That was probably a breeze compared to his latest challenge: trying to live a day without plastics. NYT (Gift Article): Trying to Live a Day Without Plastic. It was an effort he couldn’t complete alone. Not even the first few seconds of it. “I made my way toward the bathroom, only to stop myself before I went in. ‘Could you open the door for me?’ I asked my wife, Julie. ‘The doorknob has a plastic coating.'” (We’ve all consumed so many microplastics, his associated body parts are probably coated with plastic, too.)