If you’re looking for a career that offers meaning and pleasure, you might want to load into a crummy and highball it to the woods to log some hours as a logger. Come on, chop chop. It doesn’t seem to matter much whether you’re a choker setter, a scorer, a bucker, a cat skinner, a faller, a gandy dancer, or a knot bumper, as long as you’re outdoors and around trees—upright or otherwise. Sadly, being a lumbersexual—a typically soft-handed, urban dweller who merely grows a thick beard and dons a plaid shirt suggestive of a rugged outdoor lifestyle doesn’t work. I tried this look for years and was a huge hit at The National concerts, but I was ultimately outed when my wife asked me to start a fire and I said, “Sure, where’s the remote?” WaPo (Gift Article): The happiest, least stressful, most meaningful jobs in America. “Researchers across the social and medical sciences have found a strong link between mental health and green space or being outdoors. Even seeing a tree out your window can help you recover from illness faster. So imagine the boost you get from being right next to said tree — even if, like our friend the lumberjack, you’re in the process of chopping it down.” (If you’d like to learn more about working among the trees, I’d urge you to inquire at your local branch office.)