Break on Through: From using CRISPR to solve high cholesterol to mass market military drones, here are MIT Tech Review’s 10 Breakthrough
Technologies 2023

+ Another Frick in the Wall: “The brothers estimate that the $22 million wall of remembrance — an addition to the 27-year-old Korean War Veterans Memorial — contains 1,015 spelling errors. It also incorrectly includes 245 names of service members who died in circumstances totally unrelated to the war, they say, including a man killed in a motorcycle accident in Hawaii and another who drank antifreeze thinking it was alcohol.” NYT (Gift Article): A Korean War Wall of Remembrance Set Hundreds of Errors in Stone.

+ Tenure Trackmarks: “The indefinite academic appointments that come with tenure — the holy grail of university employment — have faced review from lawmakers or state oversight boards in at least half a dozen states, often presented as bids to rein in academics with liberal views.” Conservatives take aim at tenure for university professors. (And they might find allies in University brass looking to cut costs.)

+ The Kid: Last week, a six year-old student shot a teacher at his elementary school. It barely made a blip in the news.

+ Lawyers, Guns, and Migrants: “During his visit, Biden met with local officials, faith leaders and non-governmental groups who’ve supported migrants fleeing political oppression and economic collapse in their home countries at the El Paso County Migrant Services Support Center.” Biden visits El Paso in first trip to southern border as president. Next stop is the “three amigo” meetings with Canada and Mexico. Guns, drugs and migrants: Biden heads to Mexico to face diplomatic challenges with North American allies.

+ Noma(s): “This move is likely to send shock waves through the culinary world. To put it in soccer terms: Imagine that Manchester United decided to close Old Trafford stadium to fans, though the team would continue to play.” Noma, Rated the World’s Best Restaurant, Is Closing Its Doors. So if you crave grilled reindeer heart on a bed of fresh pine, hurry.

+ Shame that Tune: Bahamas tries to turn page after FTX. “Dressed in a canary blue suit on a warm December night, sweat dripping from his brow, Bishop Lawrence Rolle belts out the lyrics to his latest hit song for the hundreds of children and adults gathered to celebrate Christmas. ‘FTX!,’ he sings, bent over and shaking his head for emphasis. ‘The money is gone!’ ‘FTX!,’ his backup singer and audience scream back. ‘The money have done gone!'” (That song has gone viral among thousands of investors.)