Put a Bucket on Our Bucket List: “California has seen so much rain over the past few weeks that farm fields are inundated and normally dry creeks and drainage ditches have become torrents of water racing toward the ocean. Yet, most of the state remains in severe drought.” In other words, California has to get a lot better at collecting the water nature presents. And we’re not the only ones. The Conversation: How California could save up its rain to ease future droughts. In the meantime, an atmospheric river runs through it.

+ Idaho Suspect: Bryan Kohberger has been arrested for the murder of four college students in Idaho. He was “pursuing a PhD in criminal justice at Washington State University at the time of the killings.” He should have studied harder. Idaho suspect in student murders thoroughly cleaned vehicle, also seen wearing surgical gloves multiple times outside family home.

+ TSA For Effort: “The list dates back to at least 2016, when the champions included dead sea horses in a brandy bottle from the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, a bullet-bedazzled gas mask from Miami International Airport and a movie prop corpse at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. In 2021, the honors went to a chain saw from the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport, bullets stashed in deodorant at Atlantic City International and meth wrapped in a burrito at Houston Hobby Airport.” WaPo: Drugs hidden in candy, gun in a chicken: TSA’s weirdest finds of 2022.

+ CES N’est Pas Une Pipedream: We were promised flying cars. And we just might be getting them. Cnet: CES 2023’s Wildest Highlights: Flying Cars, Flying Boats and Folding Screens.

+ Hey, Mr DJ: “The show’s general concept is straightforward enough. Touring musicians drop by one of the store’s three cavernous locations, prowl the labyrinthine sales floor, grab up records by the armful for an hour or so, then blab about their purchases on camera.” Amoeba Music asks, ‘What’s in your bag?’ and no algorithm can compete. (Yup, it turns out people are more interesting than algorithms.)