McCarthySchism is the new McCarthyism. Kevin’s haunted House has failed to elect him Speaker for a fifth straight time (it’s certainly not the first time many of his opponents have taken the fifth). While it’s nice to see the modern GOP finally in favor of a lot of voting, this is getting ridiculous and embarrassing, not just for the Bakersfield Bust, but for America in general. There are many lessons being learned from McCarthy’s up-Hill battle, from the downside of standing for nothing but personal power to enabling and empowering terrible people. The GOP empowered Trump and created a monster they couldn’t control. Trump empowered the most rabid members of his base, and they couldn’t be controlled. Kevin McCarthy kissed Trump’s ring after the insurrection and it did him no good because Trump can’t control his election-denying House member minions who have turned politics into a freak show. Maybe creating monsters is a bad idea. But this disaster is broader than the laughing stock and troubling visuals (McCarthy has already moved his stuff into the Speaker’s office). At some point, these hooligans holding up the vote will hold up our ability to govern. The House Speaker has an important role and the House has a job to do, and sadly, this week’s DC comics are a preview of things to come.

+ In a visual that has seemed impossible for years, and unthinkable in recent days, Mitch McConnell just appeared alongside President Biden at the Brent Spence Bridge connecting Kentucky and Ohio to make note of a positive aspect of the infrastructure bill. It turns out building bridges is a great way to build bridges.