Bottom of the News

“This exhausting trend recently reached its nadir when I spent an entire cross-country flight sobbing because I had left my hat in the back of my rental car. To be fair, it was a good hat, but it was also only a hat. No hat is worth crying about for hours in the emergency exit row. Come on, man, I told myself through my tears. You’re being ridiculous. You can solve this problem. You can go get a new hat at Lids when you land. The prospect of having to go to a Lids made me cry even more.” Justin Peters in Slate: The Crying Game: I bawled my eyes out every day for nearly three years. So I hatched a radical plan to take back my tear ducts.

+ “That internal camera isn’t just for the AI to use. Samsung says you can even livestream the view from inside your oven to social media.” Samsung wants streamers to buy its new oven. (Watching your cookies bake in realtime sounds a lot better than most of what’s shared on social media.)

+ “Scott Stallings received an invitation to the Masters, and the Georgia resident most likely will be there — as a guest of the PGA Tour player by the same name for whom the coveted invitation was intended.”

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