Extra, Extra

FTX Friends: “Two of Bankman-Fried’s one-time friends and co-workers – Caroline Ellison and Gary Wang — have pleaded guilty to fraud charges by the SDNY and are cooperating with its investigation, Williams said.” This is not the welcome home party he wanted. Sam Bankman-Fried is extradited to the U.S. as two former FTX employees turn on him. Bankman-Fried can post a $250 million bond and live in his parents’ California home while awaiting trial.

+ On Second Thought: “‘I did not believe it for one second.’ … Hannity’s disclosure — along with others that emerged from court Wednesday about what Fox News executives and hosts really believed as their network became one of the loudest megaphones for lies about the 2020 election — is among the strongest evidence yet to emerge publicly that some Fox employees knew that what they were broadcasting was false.” In Testimony, Hannity and Other Fox Employees Said They Doubted Trump’s Fraud Claims.

+ Got Clearance, Clarence: “Clarence and Ginni Thomas were ultimately untouchable for the Jan. 6 investigators for the same reason they are untouchable for purposes of Supreme Court ethics reform: When you’re a justice, they let you do it. And when you are delivering long-sought victories, even ethical Never Trumpers like Liz Cheney will let you do whatever it takes to deliver the goods.” Dahlia Lithwick: Why the Jan. 6 Committee Let Ginni and Clarence Thomas Off the Hook.

+ That Depends: “Many said the incident showed Kiir was not well enough to rule a nation facing intense challenges – acute levels of hunger, conflict and climate shocks. Others have criticised the sharing of the footage on social media, complaining that doing so was disrespectful to a man of his age.” Ethics row rages after South Sudan leader wets himself on live TV.

+ Take the Points: “Eastern Illinois pulled off the biggest college basketball upset by point spread in the modern era Wednesday, knocking off Iowa 92-83 on the road as a 31.5-point underdog.”

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