H&R Blockhead: After five years, Trump’s tax returns have finally been released. I’m sure they reflect a business that’s totally on the up and up. The IRS didn’t audit the returns. So wait, that audit excuse wasn’t real!?

+ Rudolph, Looks Like We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Bulb: “A major winter storm and cold blast will impact nearly every state and bring what the National Weather Service is calling a ‘once in a generation type event‘ that will cripple travel on some of the busiest travel days of the year.”

+ Booked and Bookless: “Louisiana prohibited a 700-page book featuring the art of Leonardo da Vinci because it contained nudity. In Texas, a visual Spanish-English dictionary was banned for the same reason, even though prisoners there are forced to see dozens of nude people daily when they undergo group strip searches.” Think regular book bans are nuts? Take a look at the absurdities behind prison book bans (and some surprising ones that are allowed).

+ University Press: “Taliban security forces in the Afghan capital on Wednesday enforced a higher education ban for women by blocking their access to universities, with video obtained by The Associated Press showing women weeping and consoling each other outside one campus in Kabul.”

+ Franco Phile: “His death comes two days before the 50th anniversary of the play that provided the jolt that helped transform the Pittsburgh Steelers from also-rans into NFL elite and three days before the team is scheduled to retire his No. 32 during a ceremony at halftime of its game against the Las Vegas Raiders.” Steelers Hall of Fame running back Franco Harris dies at 72. The timing of a death is never good, but this seem particularly terrible. Sadly, Harris is missing out on what would have been his second immaculate reception, this one from Steeler fans.

+ Party Chopper: “So many jubilant, flag-waving fans swarmed the capital that the players had to abandon the open-air bus transporting them to Buenos Aires and board helicopters for a capital flyover that the government billed as an aerial parade.” The celebration in Argentina got a little intense. Oddly, the celebrations in in Bangladesh were also pretty major.