On one hand, it will mark a monumental moment when Volodymyr Zelensky, on his first wartime overseas trip, meets with President Biden and addresses Congress. Zelensky is the face and heart of the global fight against authoritarianism; an unlikely hero who answered history’s call to hold the line against a monstrous, expansionist, despot. On the other hand, Zelensky is making this trip now because of the upcoming power shift in the House, which will empower many of the US officials who range from being not quite sure fighting for democracy is worth the cost to being fully in bed with the enemy. Marjorie Taylor Greene called Zelensky the “shadow president” and argued we should put America first. Crime family member Don Jr explained that “Zelensky is basically an ungrateful international welfare queen.”

Yes, I’ve space-lasered in on some extreme examples of the imbecilic anti-democracy, historically stupid comments you’ll find on the subject, but they represent the opinions significant portion of the ill-informed public, including many public officials. And yes, one doesn’t have to dig particularly deep into America’s past to find plenty of examples of politicians who have celebrated their spot on the wrong side of history. But that it’s nothing new doesn’t make it any less shameful.

I admit my personal bias on this issue: Smart, funny, brave, heroic, pro-democracy Jews are my jam. Most Americans feel the same and many of those in Congress today know it’s an honor to be addressed by Zelensky and to support the Ukrainan fight. But as Tom Nichols writes in The Atlantic: “The war in Ukraine is not over. When the Ukrainian president speaks on Wednesday, he will be a symbol not only of one nation’s struggle against the Kremlin, but of the global fight for democracy. Unfortunately, it is a fight with multiple fronts—and that includes Capitol Hill.” Zelensky Knows the Clock Is Ticking. (When it comes to the fight for liberal democracy, it always is.)

+ Here’s the latest on the visit from CNN. Zelensky has already secured $1.85 billion in security assistance for Ukraine, which includes the Patriot missile defense systems. How Much Aid Has the U.S. Sent Ukraine? (About as much as Elon Musk spent on Twitter. Seems like America is getting a pretty good deal.)