Extra, Extra

Package Deal: As we approach the holidays, packages are being delivered at an incredibly efficient rate. They’re also being stolen and an incredibly efficient rate.

+ Own Goal: Let’s not be so one-sided about Qatar’s sportswashing. At least one European Parliament vice president is a big supporter of what they’ve done, explaining, “The World Cup in Qatar is proof, actually, of how sports diplomacy can achieve a historical transformation of a country with reforms that inspired the Arab world.” But wait. As the NYT reports, three weeks later that European Parliament vice president was in jail, accused of trading political decisions for cash. (We were sooooo close!) Meanwhile, FIFA rebuffed Zelenskyy’s request to share message of peace at World Cup final.

+ Vote Against Pedro: “A Peruvian judge on Thursday ordered ousted President Pedro Castillo to remain in custody for 18 months as nationwide protests set off by the political crisis showed no signs of abating and the death toll rose to at least 14.” (Peru arrested its corrupt president in the time it takes Congress to fax a subpoena…)

+ Error Conditioning: “Research suggests climate crisis may contribute to increased gun violence by pushing temperatures beyond normal ranges.” Almost 8,000 US shootings attributed to unseasonable heat – study.

+ The Dawning of the Age of Aquarium: “The enormous cylindrical aquarium was a wonder, the centerpiece of a popular Berlin hotel. But in the early hours of Friday morning, it burst.”

+ Crocodile Grok: 10 Interesting Ways to (Almost) Die in the Wilderness. This is why I’m indoorsy.

+ Dirty Hairy: And the NYT with a key question: Why Do Men Sprout Hairs in Weird Places With Age?

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