Guilt By Association: On the tenth anniversary of Sandy Hook, President Biden said America should feel a sense of “societal guilt” for how little we’ve done stop stop gun killings. (True, however, this guilt should not be evenly distributed.) TNR on what’s changed (aside from the body count) in the decade since our tragedy of tragedies. Nothing Has Changed Since Sandy Hook? That’s Simply Not True. (Just not nearly enough.)

+ A First Rougher Draft of History: “The organization blamed emboldened authoritarian governments for the rise in detentions and harsh sentences, and said an increase in deaths was caused by the war in Ukraine, protests in Iran, and the end of global lockdowns due to COVID-19 and the return to reporting in person.” Journalists are being jailed and killed in record numbers.

+ Women and Children Worst: “That war is being carried out, in part, upon the bodies of women and children. Thousands of women and girls have been kidnapped and forced into sexual slavery by Boko Haram and its Islamic State offshoot. The Nigerian military has responded to insurgents’ brutality with brutal tactics of its own.” A Reuters special report on Nigeria’s 13-year war which has, in many ways, been A War on Women.

+ Zero Sum Game: “Empty streets, deserted shopping centers, and residents staying away from one another are the new normal in Beijing – but not because the city, like many Chinese ones before it, is under a ‘zero-Covid’ lockdown. This time, it’s because Beijing has been hit with a significant, and spreading, outbreak.”

+ Ring Leader: “The road to this moment has been long, but those who believe in equality and justice – you never gave up.” So said Joe Biden as he signed the Respect for Marriage Act, reflecting his and the country’s evolution. (For those who believe in evolution…)

+ Disappearing Acts: It’s easy to understand why platforms like HBO would cancel shows. But why would they remove the existing episodes, too? To avoid paying residuals.