“England’s footballers are coming home without the World Cup trophy but were not entirely empty-handed on leaving their training base in Al Wakrah on Sunday. The defenders Kyle Walker and John Stones, who both started for Gareth Southgate’s team in Saturday’s 2-1 defeat by France, befriended a stray tabby cat during their four-week stay in Qatar. Stones named their handsome new feline companion Dave, while Walker had said they planned to adopt the cat and bring him home to England should the Three Lions ultimately triumph. Despite that dream again failing to become a reality, it seems the players had become too fond of Dave to say a final farewell when they departed Al Wakrah.” Cat-ar 2022: England players to adopt ‘Dave’ the cat after leaving World Cup. (Too bad the team didn’t get nine lives…)

+ The Grinnell men’s basketball team took 111 shots Thursday. Every one was a 3-pointer. (Warriors fans are like, “And…?”)

+ And one of the more troubling headlines of the day: Students turn to TikTok to fill gaps in school lessons.