What to Book: “This is a wildly funny, wonderfully sincere — and a little bit devastating — story of art, our limitless past, future nostalgia and all those perfectly imperfect ways we continually come of age. Kevin Wilson’s books are so full of heart. They’re utterly indelible.” That’s WaPo’s accurate review of Kevin Wilson’s latest novel: Now Is Not the Time to Panic. (Bonus content: Goodreads Best Books of 2022.)

+ What to Watch: If I’m on a deserted island (with decent wifi) and I only get access to two types content, I’m going with Bruce Springsteen’s music and the Howard Stern Show. So I’m pleased to announce that after three decades of trying, Howard Stern finally got Bruce Springsteen to come on the show, and the interview was so successful, it’s now on HBO.

+ What to Sitcom: It’s like a less edgy The Office set in a Philly public school. Abbott Elementary is a great family show. Bonus content: How Quinta Brunson Saved the Sitcom.