“Griner landed at Kelly Airfield in San Antonio at 4:29 a.m. local time. She was brought to Brooke Army Medical Center, where she’ll undergo evaluation and reunite with her wife, Cherelle Griner.” Brittney Griner is back home in the US.

+ “Jaylen Smith, who graduated from Earle High School in May, is now the city’s mayor — one of the youngest ever to be elected as a mayor in the country.” Youngest mayor is elected in Earle.

+ There’s a new Broadway show based on the life and music of Neil Diamond. And he showed up on opening night.

+ “As Baker Mayfield walked off the podium and into the locker room after his postgame news conference, he stopped and turned to a member of the Los Angeles Rams’ PR staff. ‘Where the hell do I go?’ Mayfield asked. Given this was the quarterback’s first time in the SoFi Stadium home locker room, the question wasn’t much of a surprise.” Inside Baker Mayfield’s first 48 hours with the Rams and his stunning debut win. (For me to include a feel-good story about the Rams, you know it has to feel pretty damn good.)

+ Death Cab For Cutie and The Postal Service Announce Co-Headlining Tour. Both bands have the same lead singer, Ben Gibbard. (This could either be a historical concert tour or the best ever episode of Behind the Music.)

+ California girl licensed to own unicorn — if she finds one. (Hopefully, she’s not looking for the tech startup kind. They’re an endangered species.)