Fractured Family

“The baby woke up wailing just after 2 a.m., and the moment Sarah Perkins lifted her 14-week-old son, Cal, into her arms, she knew he had a fever. His temperature had climbed above 103, so Perkins was soon on her way to the emergency room while her husband, Josh Sabey, stayed at their apartment in Waltham, Mass., with their 3-year-old son, Clarence. In the pre-dawn hours of July 13, the doctors ordered an X-ray to check Cal’s lungs for signs of infection, and that is when the family’s nightmare began. The imaging revealed a healed fracture on Cal’s rib cage, several weeks old, about the size of a thumbprint.” An incredible, and apparently common, story that just gets more insane as it goes. WaPo (Gift Article): They brought their sick baby to the hospital. Three days later, the state took their kids away.

+ “After suffering decades of abuse, Helen Naslund was sentenced for killing her husband on their Alberta farm. She opens up for the first time about a life of violence and her fight for freedom.” The Globe and Mail: In Her Defense.

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