It took two elections, a ton of cash, a bottomless pit of scandals, and some sub-zero candidate quality, but Raphael Warnock retained his Senate seat after Georgia finally gave Herschel Walker the Heisman. The running back whose ethics and intellect are running on empty is now running back to private life. The state’s most famous number 34 got 86’d giving 46 a 51-49 advantage in the Senate, a result cheered by Walker’s son and exes, but one that leaves me wishing it was 420. After all, while Walker, as a college football hero, played his way to 52 touchdowns, he was also responsible for a similar number of combined kids, abortions, and abuse allegations, majored in lying 101, had no understanding of the issues, and was more qualified for a 5150 than coming within a 51-49 result of joining the Senate. But that’s how close he came, and we came, to having Herschel Walker as an American Senator. Yes, I’m as relieved as anyone that the man who could always find the open hole, both on the field and off, did not sweep to victory, and I realize why 51 is a big deal in the Senate, but considering how obscenely unqualified, unethical, and un-smart Walker is, that it came so close makes this a bittersweet win. Still, as stressful as the the bulldog days of our multi-month election season have been, at least America’s bend but don’t break defense against political tragedy held once again.