Vienna Waits For User

I want my MTV… Well, you’ve got it. Only the videos are much shorter and they’re made by fans, not artists. Welcome to the new world of music promotion where the kids are in charge. The New Yorker: So You Want to Be a TikTok Star. “The videos function as a kind of trailer for the songs, but, instead of a song’s owners being in charge of the production, TikTok creators can synch the sound to videos they’ve made about almost anything.” The result is that some pretty unexpected stuff goes viral (like Louis Theroux’s Jiggle Jiggle) and fans end up knowing just one song, or even just one part of song, as opposed to a whole album or the broader work of an artist. On the plus side, the system does result in a pretty wide variety of genres. My daughter regularly plays 21 Savage and Billy Joel back to back. When I suggest that she might want to hear some other Billy Joel songs (other than Vienna), she looks at me like I’m crazy. I also explained that Vienna was featured a pretty good episode of the show Taxi, but by then her Airpods were back in her ears and she didn’t hear me.

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