Increasingly, college students around the country are hitting the books. That sounds like good news, but I’m talking about sportsbooks. Online sports gambling is more accesible than ever, and universities seem determined that students will put their stat classes to good use. What’s your wager? is the new What’s your major? From the NYT (Gift Article): How Colleges and Sports-Betting Companies ‘Caesarized’ Campus Life. “So far, at least eight universities have become partners with online sports-betting companies, or sportsbooks, many in the last year, with more expected … The first day sports betting was legal in the state, everyone was doing it,’ said Jack Krecidlo, a senior at Louisiana State. He imagined how he would respond if he used a sports-betting app and his mother found out. ‘I would say, ‘Well, L.S.U. sent me a promo code.'” This is part of a broader trend. Sports betting is everywhere, including all the places it never used to be. How many problems will this normalization of betting—even at places of higher learning—cause among young people? I’d bet the over.

+ “Four years ago, it was illegal to gamble on sports in most of the United States. Today, anyone who turns on the television or visits a sports website or shows up at a stadium is likely to be inundated with ads to bet, bet, bet.” Key Findings From The NY Times’ Investigation of Sports Betting.