What to Doc: In 1995, Pepsi had a commercial that suggested that its sweepstakes points could be used to win a fighter jet. One guy didn’t take it as a joke. Pepsi, Where’s My Jet? is a fun, four-part Netflix series with an amazing cast of characters, some of whom you’ll recognize (and at least one of whom was interviewed while under house arrest). It’s also just a fun look back at the 90s vibe.

+ What to Hear: Bruce Springsteen has a new album out in which he performs classic (and a few relatively unknown) tunes at the intersection of Motown and gospel. I put together a playlist with the new songs alongside the originals. Springsteen just completed a 3-night residency on Jimmy Fallon’s show, and its a great way to experience these news songs. Check out: Do I Love You (Indeed I Do), Turn Back the Hands of Time, and Nightshift. Bonus: The time Bruce went to a movie alone and ended up going home with a fan to meet his parents.

+ What to Read: “In order to expand, though, Jacob knew he needed help—somebody who was well-connected in the energy field, who was familiar with the ins and outs of moving fuel around the globe, who was as experienced as the Order was in circumventing the law, and who could keep not just the IRS and other government agencies off his back but also help him hide at least some of the profits from the Order’s vigilant accountants. As it happened, Jacob had heard of just such a person. He called himself the Lion.” Michele McPhee with a truly crazy story in LA Mag: Bleeding the Beast: Crooked Cops, an Armenian Mob Boss, a $500M Scam and an Unlikely Love Story. I heard about this story from Joel Stein’s fun, new podcast, Story of the Week.