Feel Good Friday

The emotional moment when a chimpanzee mother is reunited with her baby. Oh my.

+ “I don’t want you doubting me because I don’t have legs. I want to show you that I’m just as human as you, and just as good as you are, if not better.” Louisville 8th grader Josiah Johnson makes basketball team despite not having legs.

+ “When Jeff swims, he pulls Johnny. When Jeff runs, he pushes Johnny. And when Jeff bikes, he hauls his son. Their bond is as strong as iron — tempered by love.” Father and son, who has cerebral palsy, defy odds to take on Ironman triathlons.

+ Priscilla Sitienei: ‘World’s oldest primary school pupil’ dies aged 99 in Kenya.

+ A vaccine for breast cancer may be near.

+ At ‘Dyslexic Dictionary’ Exhibit, Gavin Newsom Joins Artists in Celebration of ‘Hyper-Ability’.

+ US declares lab-grown meat safe to eat in ‘groundbreaking’ move.

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