Venti Promotion’s Tall Order Encounters Grande Problem: “On Red Cup Day, the company gives away the reusable cups to customers who buy holiday-themed drinks like the peppermint mocha, or fall-themed beverages such as pumpkin spice lattes. People are super into it.” Employees, less so. The ‘Red Cup Rebellion’ Is Here as Starbucks Workers Launch Massive Strike. (And I thought it stressed them out when I said Large instead of Venti.)

+ Tik Tok Dough: It’s not just Elon’s firing spree. Tech companies are laying people off by the thousands. So, is any consumer-facing tech company still hiring? Yup. TikTok.

+ She Talks to Angeles: “U.S. Rep. Karen Bass defeated developer Rick Caruso to become the next mayor of Los Angeles on Wednesday, making her the first Black woman to hold the post as City Hall contends with an out-of-control homeless crisis, rising crime rates and multiple scandals that have shaken trust in government.” Um, congrats?

+ Stop2Quit: “In this polarized climate, hundreds of Americans told us they agree on one thing: Campaigns must stop spamming voters’ phones with unwanted political texts.” NYT (Gift Article): Fed Up With Political Text Messages? Read On. (At this point, my wife is sure I’m having an affair with someone in Georgia.)

+ Just the Tip: “This, ultimately, is their most powerful advantage: They can make new things that are relatable and comprehensible but, at the same time, completely unexpected.” Kevin Kelly on AI art Wired: Picture Limitless Creativity at Your Fingertips. (I always have it at my fingertips. It’s tapping it from there to my computer screen that causes all the delays.)

+ Tech Soup: “I would never go so far as to say we’re a tech company as we are all here driven by our passion for food. But [we’re using] all the goodness that came out of the world of tech, and applying it to food design.” Inside Campbell Soup’s overhaul to innovation and how it’s paying off.