One Man, One Vote, One Calculator: In Nevada, you’re not allowed to count cards. Apparently, counting votes is also frowned upon. Why Nevada election results are taking days. And, here’s how close the votes are for outstanding House and Senate races.

+ The Other Libs: We’re headed to a Georgia runoff. Chase Oliver is probably the reason why. “Oliver was the third candidate in Georgia’s US Senate race: a pro-gun, anti-cop, pro-choice Libertarian who proudly announces himself as the state’s first LGBTQ candidate – ‘armed and gay,’ he boasts. And on Tuesday night, this surprise spoiler scored an historic upset of sorts, siphoning enough support away from the Democratic incumbent Raphael Warnock and his Republican challenger Herschel Walker to force the election to a December runoff.”

+ Someone Put a Kherson Putin: “Zelensky describes it as an ‘historic day’ after Russia withdraws from the only regional capital taken since the war began. Cheering crowds greeted Ukrainian troops as the country’s flag appeared on buildings in the city.” Here’s the latest: Zelensky says Kherson is ‘ours’ after Russian retreat.

+ Relief Ditcher: There will be an appeal, but for now, a federal judge in Texas struck down Biden’s student loan relief plan.

+ Lightning Crashes Party: “At 11pm I heard a crack of thunder so loud I thought it was an explosion. Then it was as if something extremely heavy suddenly dropped on my body. I felt hot and cold at the same time – I had never felt anything like it before. I felt heavy and dazed. Next came the smell of singed flesh – I looked down at my right arm and saw that it was burning and blistering. I stumbled upstairs in shock and burning pain. Experience: I was struck by lightning while sitting on my sofa. (I just realized I’ve lived a life of danger.)

+ Water Meloncholy: This ain’t a bad headline to go out on: Gallagher, watermelon-smashing comedian, dead at 76. (If he tried his this act today, he’d be canceled for mistreating fruit.)