It’s the Friday before midterms and the crazy weeks (and likely years) that will follow. So it’s a good time to get some rest. The problem is that between our devices and our generally high level of stress, getting some shuteye isn’t an open and shut case. (Every time I put my head on the pillow, I start stressing that the My Pillow Guy could be Secretary of State in a couple years.) A sleep scientist has some advice by way of the NYT (Gift Article): Can’t Sleep? Try Sticking Your Head in the Freezer. Part of the trick seems to be keeping yourself awake during the day without consuming things that will keep you up later on. Instead of reaching for an afternoon coffee, “you can go for a brisk walk in the afternoon, or spend five to 10 minutes taking a break from work and engaging your brain in a simple task — pull weeds in the garden, reorganize a bookshelf, turn on some music and really focus on a song. Focusing on a non-work task can energize our brains, Dr. Prather said, jolting us out of our routine. Or, for a more extreme option, stick your head in the freezer. That brief shock of cold activates your arousal system, Dr. Prather said, like jumper cables on a car battery to wake you up.” (I’m saving my jumper cables for democracy.)