Joe Biden is making his final pitch to midterm voters. The topic? The viability of our democracy. “There’s an alarming rise in the number of people in this country condoning political violence or simply remaining silent. In our bones we know democracy is at risk, but we also know this: It’s in our power to preserve our democracy.” There’s no doubt that this election is about precisely that. The question now is whether or not it’s a message that can win on Tuesday.

+ WaPo: Obama to Arizonans. “If the Republican candidates here are successful, Democracy as we know it may not survive in Arizona. That’s not an exaggeration. That is a fact.” Are facts popular enough to win in a state where election denialism is all the rage?

+ Election denialism isn’t the only terrible 2020 legacy that’s gaining momentum. Roughly 5 million Americans would be willing to kill someone to achieve a political purpose, according to a new UC Davis study.

+ “Experts worry such investigations could exact a stiff price, chilling participation in the process, slowing down elections and fostering misinformation and distrust in the vote. These probes may be a harbinger of potential chaos in the midterms.” ProPublica: Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton hasn’t just been pursuing supposed voter fraud. His office has also criminally investigated at least 10 election workers. And from Reuters: In the hunt for voter fraud, Republican door knockers are intimidating residents.