Picking Up the Tab: “As states banned or restricted abortion this summer, the number of American women ordering abortion pills from overseas jumped significantly — enough to offset most of the drop in legal abortions.” Let’s see if voting proves as popular.

+ RSV.P: “Across the country, children have for weeks been slammed with a massive, early wave of viral infections—driven largely by RSV, but also flu, rhinovirus, enterovirus, and SARS-CoV-2 … At Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, in Maryland, staff has pitched a tent outside the emergency department to accommodate overflow; Connecticut Children’s Hospital mulled calling in the National Guard. It’s already the largest surge of infectious illnesses that some pediatricians have seen in their decades-long careers, and many worry that the worst is yet to come.” The Atlantic: The Worst Pediatric-Care Crisis in Decades.

+ Israelites Camera Action: Think you’re stressed by what seems like endless elections? For the fifth time since 2019, Israelis are voting in national elections. And like us, they have a politician who just won’t go away (and wants to avoid being put away.)

+ Cunning Out the Clock: “Chief Justice John Roberts agreed to temporarily put on hold a lower court order requiring the release of former President Donald Trump’s tax returns by the Internal Revenue Service to a Democratic-led House committee.” We’re gonna see the last Game of Thrones book before we see these tax returns.

+ Observing Irving: “Kyrie Irving has previously supported the idea of the Earth being flat, recently shared an old clip from conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, and was unavailable for most of the Nets’ home games last season because he refused to be vaccinated.” And, surprise, he’s also an antisemite. (Which is weird, because half the kids in my Hebrew school were named Irving.)

+ Rap Epidemic: “The rapper Takeoff, best known for his work with the Grammy-nominated trio Migos, is dead after a shooting early Tuesday outside a bowling alley in Houston.”

+ Megadebt: “That means that Twitter is generating less money per year than what it owes its lenders. The company also does not appear to have a lot of extra cash on hand.” The math on Twitter’s debt.